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Bommai criticizes Siddaramaiah-led Karnataka government for accepting caste census report

Former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai criticized the Karnataka government for accepting the caste census report, warning that it has led to social unrest. He accused the Congress of playing with fire and making false promises as the general election approaches.

Speaking to reporters in Bengaluru, Bommai clarified that he supports the idea of caste upliftment based on population, social, and economic conditions. He questioned the government’s reluctance to discuss the report publicly and emphasized the need to ensure reservations benefit all deserving castes.

Bommai condemned the government’s handling of the issue, noting that even ministers have raised objections. He pointed out the lack of unity and commitment within the cabinet, accusing the government of playing a double game with the oppressed classes and creating societal unrest.

The BJP leader urged Chief Minister Siddaramaiah not to exploit the caste census report for political gains, warning that it would be a heinous crime. He raised concerns about the government’s actions and called for a fair and transparent discussion on reservations for backward classes to ensure equity and justice for all.


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