Chinese FM spokesperson: Improved India-China relations benefit both nations economically and politically

In a recent daily press briefing in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning emphasized the importance of sound and stable India-China relations for the peace and development in the region. This statement comes after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed the significance of the bilateral relationship and the need to address the prolonged situation on the borders between the two countries.

During an interview, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the importance of stable and peaceful relations between India and China, stressing the need to resolve the border issues to restore normalcy in bilateral interactions. He also expressed hope for positive engagement at diplomatic and military levels to sustain peace and tranquility on the borders.

Mao Ning pointed out that the boundary question is just one aspect of India-China relations and should be managed appropriately within the broader bilateral context. She also mentioned the close communication between the two countries through diplomatic and military channels regarding the border situation, emphasizing the need for building trust, dialogue, and cooperation to maintain a sound and stable relationship.

“We hope that India will work with China, approach the bilateral relations strategically, and focus on long-term perspectives to handle differences and put the relationship on a sound and stable track,” Mao stated. As both countries navigate their relationship, the importance of mutual understanding and cooperation remains paramount for the peace and development of the region and beyond.


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