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CM Yadav reports that MP govt has successfully met all targets assigned by PM Modi

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Mohan Yadav, claimed that the state government had completed targets set by the Modi-led Union government in the past 10 years. Addressing a press conference in Bhopal, Yadav mentioned the successful implementation of various schemes and projects initiated by the Centre.

Yadav emphasized the focus on the development of districts lacking basic infrastructure and the promotion of tourism in the state. He highlighted the success of projects like the Cheetah project in Kuno and the growth of religious tourism, particularly after the development of Ujjain’s Mahakal Lok corridor.

The Chief Minister also discussed the BJP’s election manifesto, which was released in the presence of PM Modi in Delhi. The state party unit had invited suggestions from the public and received around 26,000 ideas from Madhya Pradesh. State BJP head, VD Sharma, applauded the inclusion of the Ayushman health card for individuals above 70 years of age, a suggestion made by the MP BJP.

Sharma expressed gratitude towards the Prime Minister for accepting the suggestion, stating that it would be a groundbreaking step in the healthcare sector and would benefit a large number of people. The press conference witnessed discussions on the completion of central government assignments, future development plans, and the state’s contribution to various initiatives, presenting a promising outlook for Madhya Pradesh’s progress.


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