Druski and Rubi Rose Dating Rumors Hit The Internet, Netizens Surpised

Druski and Rubi Rose are currently trending in loads of different controversies. The duo is reportedly dating, and people are kind of digging into the rumor. Not that anybody is turning it down; people are already into the linkup, but we’re also too eager to see how it all went down.

Druski and Rubi Rose Dating Rumors

So, Druski posted a picture of him and Rose on his Instagram with an amalgamation of their names. He said, ‘drubi’. Now, under that picture, Rose commented, ‘You love me huh baby’. Rose added fuel to the fire, and she posted sexy pictures of herself from the same island they both supposedly went to.

She added the caption under the picture saying, ‘Ever made love on an island?’ Now everything is kind of hinting towards the couple dating. They’re softly launching their relationship on Instagram, and people are actually into it! It’s everything people are talking about, and the posts and captions came all of a sudden, bringing more suspicions and raising eyebrows about the whole situation right now.

Nothing is confirmed by the two or their teams officially as of yet; everything is still kind of under wraps, but it is definitely getting considered, and man oh man, the duo is getting shipped hard by netizens online.

Druski’s relationship history is not known to the public that way. However, Rose was supposedly in a relationship with DDG, who is a rapper and YouTuber. DDG also has a child with Halle Bailey, and he also mentioned in an interview that after he had a spat with Bailey, he did reach out to Rose to talk to her.

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