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Exciting video of sloth bear being chased by tiger captivates internet users

Pilibhit (UP), April 5 (IANS) – A video capturing a thrilling chase between a tiger and a sloth bear in the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve has taken the internet by storm. The video, shared by IFS officer Ramesh Pandey, shows the bear sprinting for its life as the tiger gives chase, leaving tourists in awe.

The encounter, which was filmed by wildlife photographer Siddharth Singh, shows the tiger bounding across the road in pursuit of the bear, causing a frenzy among the tourists on safari vehicles. The video, posted on April 3, quickly went viral with around 52k views, with social media users expressing their amazement in the comments section.

Ramesh Pandey, who shared the video, remarked, “Tiger chasing a sloth bear in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve. Jungles never cease to amaze us.” The scene captured in the video has been likened to something straight out of “Real-life Jungle Book stuff” by some internet users, highlighting the raw and captivating beauty of nature.

The video has left wildlife enthusiasts thrilled and humbled by the wonders of the forest, showcasing the untamed and unpredictable interactions between different species in their natural habitat. As the footage continues to circulate online, it serves as a reminder of the awe-inspiring moments that can be witnessed in the wilderness.


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