Granger High School Shooting: Police Catch Suspects Who Fires With Fake Gun

The shooting at Granger High School has recently invaded the media headlines. The incident was the result of an altercation between three students. This event took place on Tuesday in Utah’s West Valley City, at Granger High School. 

Cops have arrested two students of Granger High School. Also, they are the suspects in this incident. The suspects were apprehended following a gunfire incident involving BB and airsoft guns on Tuesday, reported Fox News.

According to the district police, the students got some minor injuries. The attack is claimed to be a targeted one. In the wake of nabbing the suspects near the school premises, a thorough investigation was launched. 

Ben Horsley, an association of the Granite School District administration, said that the shooting took place with a BB or airsoft gun and not a real gun. 

After the brawl escalated and students got minor injuries, they were shifted to a local hospital for treatment.

In a statement issued by Granger High School’s principal, Tyler Howe, he mentioned that the students who got injuries were near the south parking lot entrance. 

Granger High School Shooting Suspects Caught

The officials of the Granite Police found a suspicious car on the spot, encircling the area. 

Two people were seen stepping out of the car and shooting the three students with a fake gun. Then they ran away. 

Granite Police officials responded immediately by chasing both the suspects and catching them. 

After this incident, the Granite School District announced that the “general student body or students were not targeted in the attack.”

The school administration also extended heartwarming gratitude to the Granite Police for their “quick response.”

Times Now reported that, some hours after the incident, all the activities at the school returned to normal.

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