Lele Pons and Ankur Jain Collaborate To Play A Round Of Rent Free Together

Lele Pons is a Latina influencer and social media creator.

She is known for her songwriting skills and also her collaborative videos, which she tends to post on social media.

Lele Pons is currently 27 years old and has also started making videos on YouTube, which attract more and more audiences to her content.

Lele came up to play a round of Rent Free with Ankur Jain, who is the CEO of Bilt and also a hugely successful entrepreneur who made it to the Forbes list.

Lele Pons and Ankur Jain Playing Rent Free

In this game, one can easily win up to $2.5k. During the game, Lele and Ankur were talking, and she revealed that her dog got into a serious issue with a pit bull. Lele postponed her critical hand surgery after being bitten because she wanted to save her dog.

This act of heroism reflects Lele’s maternal instincts and her love for her dog! Ankur tried to get more details from her about the incident, but Lele just said the situation was so critical that it seemed it could have gotten very dangerous either for her or her dog and then refused to go any further.

Ankur’s reaction showed how heroic and medically alarming the situation was, but people online were so impressed by Lele’s act to save her dog. Ankur Jain is not only the CEO of one company but is also a well-known businessman.

He is married to Erika Hammond, who is a WWE wrestler. The couple got married in Egypt in the Giza pyramids. The game was streamed online; Lele being the successful content creator and Ankur being the entrepreneur, inspired many people online.

They talked about themselves and gave visionary and realistic examples to people, which are true to achieve and influenced viewers differently and positively.

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