How To Study After Ca Foundation Nov Exam Date 2021 Is Released?

Ca Foundation Exam Date

The CA Foundation is the entry-level for the chartered accountancy course offered by the Institute of The Chartered Accountants of India. Earlier, it was known as the common proficiency test.

The ICAI has revised the date and fees. The CA Foundation exam date has been postponed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). It will now be conducted from November 21 to December 14. All the ICAI CA Examinations will be held in a single shift starting from 2 pm.

Check the revised fees and schedule on official sites of ICAI.

Chartered Accountancy exam is considered one of the toughest exams in India.IT is the dream of every commerce student to be CA. Every year millions of students get registered, but only a few get selected for it.

Best CA institute in Jaipur guidance after CA foundation exam date is released for NOV 2021 will help to clear exams with ease. Due to the pandemic crisis, they also offer online classes to give their students a classroom environment. VSI Jaipur offers pen drive and online courses to their students. Studying after the CA foundation’s exam date is to channelize your energy and time properly to get success. Students should spend a significant portion of study time boosting your logical and Reasoning skills, and the approach should be more practical based, which can help you out to infuse your study time.

To succeed in the CA exam, students have to study according to the CA study pattern. There are few

Tips to Study after CA foundation exam Date is Released 

Prepare a time table :- 

Time-division for each paper of CA is very important to complete the Syllabus on time.CA foundation Exam is divided into four subjects of very lengthy Syllabus. Without a proper study timetable, it will be tough to cover all subjects before the exam. You have to prioritize those subjects where you have less knowledge and continually follow the time table.

Understand the CA Foundation Exam Pattern and Syllabus:- 

One must have to understand the syllabus and question paper before starting the preparations. The CA Foundation course is divided into four papers

  • Principal and Practice of Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and statistics
  • Business Economics and Business and commercial knowledge.

The first and second are subjective types, and the third and fourth are objective types.

Proficiency in Calculator: 

The third and the fourth paper is based on Mathematics and logical Reasoning, so to justify this paper, students have to commend the calculator. one should learn short tricks and easy formulas to the appropriate use of calculators.

Solve the Mock test paper and previous Exam papers:- 

Mock test papers are adequate sources for understanding the exam pattern to study. Mock test papers help students resolve and sort out the queries and doubts.even through Mock test paper, and you can evaluate the strength and weaknesses over subjects where you can further focus.

VSI Strategy For Ca Foundation Exam Dated Nov 2021 

 VSI conducts free weekly Mock test papers. Students can find Mock test papers, Pdf, MCQs test, and online question papers on VSI.     

Along with constant practice, the student should have a physiological balance. Regular exercise, eating healthy, spending little time with near and dear ones, and reading newspapers and magazines can alleviate the burden of study and make you more confident. 

As the date has been released for the CA Exam, Study After Ca Foundation, one must choose a good mentor who can guide in the right direction of the selected study point and sharpen your skill. And make you able to choose suitable books for study to cover all the Syllabus in a limited period. 

Model Test papers are the best way to assess the study in a limited time.

VSI is one of CA students’ best platforms to succeed in minimal time because VSI believes that students’ past performance is not essential. An average student can perform best if he/she has the drive and determination to work smart by the planned and dedicated study.

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