Indian developers leading the way in creating world-changing innovations: Qualcomm

The developer community in India is paving the way for innovative solutions, says Qualcomm India President Savi Soin. The company’s upcoming conference in Hyderabad will bring together over 150 developers, engineers, and industry leaders to discuss technological advancements in the field.

Qualcomm recognizes India’s strong STEM talent and aims to collaborate with the ecosystem to develop AI and 5G use cases. The Hyderabad center is crucial in driving research and development efforts for Qualcomm in the country, aligning with the vision of ‘Make in India for the world’.

In a recent announcement, Qualcomm granted $186,000 and provided front-end support for the ‘Edge AI Lab’ at the International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad. The company’s commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation with Indian developers in advancing AI and Edge AI technologies is highlighted in the upcoming conference.


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