Infinix introduces new smartphone series featuring innovative wireless magnetic charging solution

New Delhi, April 12 (IANS) – Infinix, a smartphone brand, has unveiled its latest smartphone series, the Note 40 Pro 5G, which offers a wireless magnetic charging solution. The series includes the Note 40 Pro and Note 40 Pro+ and is priced at Rs 19,999 on Flipkart.

In a statement, Anish Kapoor, CEO of Infinix India, highlighted that the series introduces Android’s first wireless magnetic charging solution, along with a Power Management Cheetah X1 Chip, providing users with a convenient and efficient charging experience on the go.

The Note 40 Pro 5G series comes with accessories like the Mag Case, Mag Pad, and Mag Power for 20W magnetic wireless charging capability. It also features an AI voice-activated Halo lighting, a 3D Curved AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, and a 108MP OIS triple camera setup.

With a 100W charger for its 4600mAh battery, the Note 40 Pro+ offers fast charging capabilities, while the Note 40 Pro comes with a 45W charger for its 5000mAh battery. Both smartphones are powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 7020 octa-core dual-SIM 5G processor.

Moreover, the Note 40 Pro 5G series incorporates memory fusion technology, allowing the phone to extend its RAM capacity from 12GB to up to 24GB in Note 40 Pro+ and from 8GB to up to 16GB in Note 40 Pro. This innovative feature enhances the overall performance of the smartphones.


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