Is Trinidave Dead or Still Alive? What Happened To Him? How Did Trinidave Die?

In a shocking turn of events, famous influencer Trinidave is raising questions related to his well-being. He is originally from Trinidad and Tobago. Recently he was involved in a fatal incident on 11th September 2023 after which fans are concerned about his well-being.

The incident occurred in Penal, Trinidad. Here we are gonna be diving into the story and find out what exactly happened. Keep scrolling-

What Happened To Trinidave?

As per reports, he was involved in a fight where he was shot and wounded. The severe injuries led fans to speculate whether he was alive or dead. It has been claimed that he got into a verbal altercation in Penal, Thailand on 11 September 2023. During this he was fatally shot and wounded, making his family and friends concerned. 

Since then there has been no update from his side, leaving many sad and concerned. Besides that, the authenticity of this news still hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. Users on the internet are tweeting about him to know whether he is alive or dead. Still no update from him or his team. 

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Is Trinidave Dead or Still Alive?

As stated above, He was involved in a verbal fight where he was tragically shot. We don’t for sure whether he is alive or dead. We urge our readers not to believe any rumours as most of them are being circulated by unauthorized websites for more clicks and attention.


Who is Trinidave?

Trinidave is among the most popular social media influencers in Trinidad and Tobago. He made a name for himself in the TikTok community with his parody videos as well as reaction videos on his social media handles. In 2016, he started his singing career releasing many hit songs including  “Dem Ah Come Test Remix” featuring Jakal.

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