Raymond Goh Cause of Death, What Happened To The Veteran Broadcaster, How Did He Die?

Recently the death news of Raymond Goh has captured the headlines. He was a public-speaking trainer, master of ceremonies, and a veteran television newscaster. It is saddening to announce that, Raymond Goh is dead.

The news of his passing away was delivered by his family to the whole nation. The entire nation is in great shock. Raymond Goh was also known as Muhammad Zaman Goh Abdullah.

What Happened To Raymond Goh?

Raymond Goh Cause of Death, What Happened To The Veteran Broadcaster, How Did He Die?

He was a popular personality whose demise caused great shock in the entire nation. His passing was observed as a sense of deep loss and sorrow. Raymond breathed his last due to the effects of a stroke. However, his unwavering courage was an inspiration to a bunch of individuals.

How Did Raymond Goh Die?

His death has left the entire world and community in great shock. After struggling hard for 13 days, he finally breathed his last today, on 12 September 2023, Tuesday. He was hospitalized in the hospital for a stroke at thirteen long days.

His fight against the deadly effects of the stroke is an example of his courage, determination, and resilience. Despite A-class medications, best efforts, and equipment provided by the medical professionals, finally he breathed his last to the complications that arose from health setbacks.

Who was Raymond Goh?

Raymond was popular by his real name, Muhammad Zaman Goh Abdullah. He was a renowned and recognized personality in the world of public speaking and the broadcasting industry. He was described as the man with the golden voice by his fans and followers.

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His death has left an indelible mark on the soul and hearts of his fans. He possessed multifaceted talents that extended beyond the broadcasting industry and the realm of television.

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