“Josh mein hosh na khonay dena….” – Kuldeep Yadav’s childhood coach’s mantra

Delhi Capitals Spin Bowler, Kuldeep Yadav’s Coach Advices “not to rush” before returning from injury. He suggested Kuldeep be 100% fit before playing. Kuldeep returned against Lucknow Super Giants and took three wickets, leading Delhi Capitals to victory in the IPL.

Kapil Dev Pandey, Kuldeep’s coach, emphasized on the importance of being fully fit before taking the field. He said, “Kuldeep cannot play just for himself or any franchise… It is more important to play for the country. So, I said play only when you are fit.”

The coach highlighted that Kuldeep made changes in his bowling with the T20 World Cup in mind. He advised him to focus on reading the batsmen, reduce the flight of the ball, and use more googlies than Chinaman deliveries.

Kuldeep’s coach also mentioned the healthy competition with Yuzvendra Chahal but praised Kuldeep’s current form. He stated that Kuldeep excels on both Asian and foreign pitches, having performed well in Australia, England, and the West Indies. The coach concluded by saying, “It will become even more difficult to understand Kuldeep.”


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