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Kevin Schadtle Cause of Death and Obituary, What Happened To Kevin Schadtle? How Did He Die?

Kevin Schadtle was a former employee at Schadtle Bob & Sons. It’s saddening to announce that the former labourer-operator lost his life. Last Friday, he breathed his last in a tragic and sudden accident at his home. Kevin Schadtle’s demise has left everyone in great sorrow.

What Happened To Kevin Schadtle?

Kevin Schadtle Cause of Death and Obituary, What Happened To Kevin Schadtle? How Did He Die?

He was an efficient former employee at Schadtle Bob & Sons passed away in a tragic accident at his home. His passing has left many people in shock. He would leave an impact on everyone with everyone with whom he crossed paths.

He left an indelible impression as he was an ordinary man with extraordinary qualities. Kevin’s innate goodness radiated from within surrounding everyone.

How Did Kevin Schadtle Die?

His ultimate passing away has left people in a frenzy. The demise occurred on Friday. The cause of his demise is a tragic accident that occurred at his home. However, at this point, the exact cause of his passing away is not available publicly. Emily Grace, in a touching tribute, expressed her feelings and condolences on Meta Platform, Facebook.

Who was Kevin Schadtle?

He belonged to Hebron, Connecticut. Moreover, he built his home in Marlborough, Connecticut. He graduated from Windham Regional Vocational Technical School. Later he completed his studies at Nashville Auto Diesel College, Inc.

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Kevin in his professional life served as a former laborer operator. Apart from this work, he was renowned and recognized as the proprietor of Schadtle’s Outdoor Services LLC. His personal life was connected to a lady who previously worked as a server at Village Green Pizza Restaurant. With Jackie Marchella Schadtle, he shared a meaningful connection.

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