Lamborghini CEO Sets Sights on ICE Tech Beyond 2030, Expects Increase in Sales in India

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann predicts higher sales in India in 2024 compared to the 103 cars sold last year. Despite the trend towards electrification, the brand sees a future for internal combustion engine (ICE) super sports cars beyond 2030, leveraging hybrids and ICE technology.

Lamborghini achieved its highest global sales of 10,112 cars in 2023. In India, the brand sold a record 103 cars, attributed to stable taxation and a young demographic. Non-resident Indians buying Lamborghinis abroad also boosted sales. Winkelmann anticipates surpassing the 2023 record in 2024, despite temporary delivery delays due to global shipping issues.

Winkelmann emphasized the importance of hybrid technology in maintaining power and meeting emission regulations for luxury sports cars. Lamborghini’s strategy involves earlier electrification for daily driveable cars while keeping ICE options for super sports cars. This approach aims to preserve power and emissions control while retaining the combustion engine sound post-2030, according to Winkelmann.

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