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Medics Report at Least 37 Mothers Killed Daily in Gaza




At least 37 mothers killed daily in Gaza: Medics

At least 37 Palestinian mothers are being killed daily in Israeli attacks in Gaza, as the world celebrates Mother’s Day on March 21. The ongoing offensive in Gaza has led to numerous deaths of Palestinian mothers and children, with mass arrests of women since October.

The Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs in Palestine Liberation Organisation, along with the Palestinian Prisoners Club Association, highlighted the escalating Israeli crimes against female Palestinian prisoners, especially mothers. This includes arrests as hostages to pressure their husbands or sons, leading to harsh detention conditions.

Female Palestinian prisoners, including social activists, are often arrested on charges related to incitement or administrative detention. The statement released on Mother’s Day called on international women’s organizations to address the “horrific crimes” against Palestinian women, urging them to take action in support of the detained prisoners held by Israel.


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