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French PM promises to penalize culprits threatening schools

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has vowed to crack down on those responsible for sending threatening messages to numerous schools in the Paris region. The schools, mainly secondary schools in Ile-de-France, received threats to blow up schools accompanied by disturbing footage.

Attal emphasized the seriousness of the situation, stating, “It is absolutely unacceptable and inadmissible to seek to disrupt the serenity of schools.” He assured that all efforts are being made to identify and punish the perpetrators severely.

He added, “They think they are anonymous, but we will hunt them down. They think they are safe, but we will punish them.” This comes as an increase in bomb threats has been reported in French schools, with nearly 800 hoax bomb alerts received in just three months.

The Interior Ministry disclosed this information, highlighting the urgency to address these threats and ensure the safety of students and staff. Authorities are actively investigating the recent incidents and are determined to bring those responsible to justice for their actions.

Attal’s strong stance on the matter sends a clear message that such threats will not be tolerated, and those behind them will face severe consequences. The government is taking the necessary steps to maintain the security and peace of educational institutions in the region.


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