5 Best Neymar hairstyles over the years

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Well, this is someone who doesn’t need any introduction. Goes by the name Neymar Jr, a globally famous Brazilian footballer. Besides being an avid footballer famous for his dribbling, and short accuracy skills, he is well known for his hairstyles too. Here are the 5 Best Neymar hairstyles he perceived over the years- 

5 Best Neymar hairstyles over the years

1. Pink Fusion Haircut

Neymar Best hairstyle

One of the most exciting haircuts Neymar has ever done is coloring them in fuchsia. He loves to experiment with his hairstyle, something he keeps clean, sometimes funky and edgy. This haircut is quite unusual- sharply faded sides with pink hair on top.  Have you ever thought someone like Neymar would rock a hairstyle like this? Surely, he is giving us a major fashion goal. 

2. The Brush Up Look with Fade

Brazilian Footbaler Neymar Jr hairstyle

Everyone will agree to this, Neymar’s face cut can suit any hairstyle. One of his hairstyles was a brush-up look with fade. His lift-up hair on top with a faded side became one the most popular hairstyle among the football community. All you need is to have a good wax and lift your hair on top. 

3. Braids

Neymar Jr Braids

A man with a braid can slay any fashion statement. This African-inspired look on an undercut and a pony is a super stylish and masculine look. If are a man and looking for a bold hairstyle, then try this look, it will definitely make anyone turn their head. 

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4. Beard and Mustache

Neymar Jr Best Hairstyles

Back in 2018, Neymar rocked a timeless look i.e trimmed haircut with a beard and mustache. A timeless and classic look if you are someone who likes to go with a straightforward look. This look by Neymar became the talk-of-town ban in the day, mostly because it was simple yet stylish. 

5. Trimmed Up

Neymar Young

A simple, yet next-door boy look, a trimmed all curled hairstyle. It gives a significant style to your overall appearance. For those who can’t style their hair due to some obligations then you can try this hairstyle. 

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