Poll finds majority of Chinese e-commerce platform users in South Korea unhappy with service

Seoul, April 1 (IANS) Most South Korean users of Chinese e-commerce platforms expressed dissatisfaction despite competitive pricing, as per a recent poll by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 80.9% of 800 consumers cited issues like delivery delays, poor product quality, defects, and excessive advertising as major concerns.

The poll revealed that 59% of respondents were dissatisfied due to delay in delivery, while 49.6%, 36.6%, and 33.5% were unhappy with poor product quality, defects, and excessive advertising, respectively. The majority (56.4%) filed complaints with the platforms, while 39.9% took no action.

Interestingly, 56.6% of those who didn’t complain had anticipated poor satisfaction in advance, while 54.3% felt the process of addressing issues would be complex. Despite the popularity of Chinese e-commerce platforms in South Korea, user dissatisfaction seems to be a significant concern.

The findings suggest that while competitive pricing may attract users, the overall service quality needs improvement to ensure customer satisfaction. It also emphasizes the importance of effective complaint resolution mechanisms to address consumer grievances promptly and efficiently.


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