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Polling officials and security personnel to reach 26 polling stations in Mizoram by foot or boat

In Mizoram, polling and security officials face challenges reaching 26 polling stations due to lack of motorable roads, forcing them to travel by boat or on foot through hilly and forested areas. With 8.56 lakh voters in 1,276 polling stations set up across 1,166 locations, preparations are in place for the upcoming election.

According to an election official, “Polling officials escorted by security personnel have to reach 15 polling stations by boat and navigate through hilly and forested areas to reach the remaining 11.” Amidst the challenging terrain, efforts are being made to ensure smooth voting process for the eligible voters in Mizoram.

Out of the 1,276 polling stations, 751 are to be located in rural areas while 525 will be in urban areas. Additionally, 14 polling stations are categorized as vulnerable and five as critical polling stations. To provide better facilities, 25 model polling stations will be set up with basic amenities including water for the convenience of voters on the election day.

As Mizoram gears up for the upcoming election, officials are working diligently to overcome natural hurdles and ensure a seamless voting process for the 8.56 lakh eligible voters in the state. With preparations in place, the focus remains on conducting a fair and efficient election in Mizoram.


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