Bahsid McLean Holding Dismembered Head Of His Mother Unblured Selfie Photo Goes Viral On Twitter, and Reddit, Sparks Outrage on Internet

Post the examination and evaluation of horrible events of Bahsid McLean by the social media users that occurred around ten years back, in September 2023, a highly disturbing element of Bahside McLean went viral. Tanya Byrd was brutally mutilated and murdered by her own son in February 2013.

She was a mother to Bahsid McLean, her oldest son, who killed her. Bahsid McLean murdered his mom in a terrible and heinous deed. Bahsid McLean crammed and dismembered his mom’s head inside garbage bags of heavy-duty. Those pieces were placed in duffel bags and later dumped in numerous sites throughout the Bronx in New York.

Twitter’s Reaction To The Viral Unblured Selfie Photo of Bahsid McLean Holding Dismembered Head Of His Mother

Twitter and Reddit are flooding with viral messages regarding Bahsid McLean, a 23-year-old who clicked a selfie in front of the bathroom mirror holding the dismembered head of his mother. This unblured photo that went public is one of many pictures that have been discovered on the cell phone of McLean.

The picture was highly horrifying, as stated by the law enforcement officials.

An anonymous person who is well versed with the entire situation stated “I lost sleep over it. Just sheer inhumanity. It’s horrible what he did to her.”

Bahsid McLean Holding Dismembered Head Of His Mother Unblured Selfie Photo Goes Viral On Twitter, and Reddit, Sparks Outrage on Internet

The moment the unblurred and clear pictures of the criminal carrying the victim’s, his mother’s dismembered head made their way to various social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter, instantly the pictures were taken down by the assigned authorities aa a quick response and resolution.

However, now after almost a decade, the pictures from the same incident have resurfaced. However, the pictures are blurred this time. The images showcase McLean carrying his mother’s dismembered head. These images went viral on TikTok, the video-sharing platform.

The post attracted plenty of comments and opinions on the post after being witnessed by many. One user wrote, “Some people are just too sick in the head.”

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What Happened to Bahsid McLean?

Bahsid McLean was accused of his mother’s murder and was arrested for the same cause. He was presented before the court with a garbage bag and was psychiatrically evaluated as well. However in court as well, the boy maintained his innocence.

As per the reports, Bahsid killed his mother by stabbing her to death. Later he dismembered his mother’s body. A man accompanied him who was later arrested as well. Bahsid was convicted of unlawful dissection of a human and second-degree murder in front of the court. The court sentenced him to 25 years to life.

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