REAL OR FAKE: Viral Claim Navy SEALS Saved Missing Children Maui Debunked! There is no Iota Of Truth

Big claims were made of the US Navy Seals saving the missing children from Maui but on careful analysis, this claim was found to be false. The claim that NAVY SEALs had saved kids from Maui has been punctured.

Crude Joke On Maui island natives

Maui island natives have gone through the horror of fire on their livelihood and are in the process of rebuilding their lives from scratch. The rumors of Navy Seals saving the missing children from the Honolulu Harbor had spread just like the fire on the island of Maui.

There was even speculation in online media circles that the natural disaster was being used as a ploy to cover up traffic for children. However, all these rumors do not have an iota of truth and are all bluster and fiction. No child was saved by the NAVY SEALs.

The supposed news that Navy Seals saved the children can be traced to Real Raw News, a website that runs the news that the NAVY forces saved the Maui children. The site detailed the situation, in which the children were held, and said that the children were imprisoned like animals in padlocked cages which were lined with piddle pads. The site also reported that the kids were found near Pier 51.

The story does not end here but goes on to indict FEMA and Gen. Charles Flynn’s Joint Task Force 5-0 for even murdering some kids and their bodies were buried in mass graves.

Continuing the story the website detailed that the mission of saving the children was started on a top priority after General Smith heard the rumor of the feds planning to slip out numerous kids to the Oahu Honolulu docks.

The sedated children were found by the Navy Seals in a warehouse in pitiable conditions. The kids were in a daze as if hypnotized and were lying in a pool of their urine and excreta. The Navy Seals were reported to have recovered 15 children all in a pitiable condition.

However, in spite of the article which was penned by Michael Baxter expansively detailing how the children were supposedly saved from the NAVY SEALs, the article was found to be inaccurate and highly misleading. The whole story was imaginary and fictitious.

The Story Was Carried On a Satirical Website

However, as it has become a norm these days the article which was devoid of any truth soon spread like wildfire across numerous media platforms like X which was earlier known as Twitter. Users who uploaded a video of the article also ominously reported that

“Can we talk about the 15 children rescued in Maui by Navy Seal? Where are the rest of the children?! #MauiCoverUp”

 The tweet had already raked in nearly 1000 views.

This is another instance of how the netizens are led into believing the misinformation.

Delving deeper it soon became clear that Real Raw News is a satire website and this is even glaringly lead bare when you visit the About Us section of their website that  clearly states “This website contains humor, parody, and satire.”

Manoj Nair

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