SpaceVIP’s Extravagant $500 Million Space Dining: What’s The Technology Behind?

SpaceVIP, a luxury space travel company, is set to launch a mingle fine dining with suborbital travel. SpaceVIP and Rasmus Munk, the Danish chef have partnered with each other and have designed a six-hour voyage via space balloon above the Earth.

Bloomberg reported that the price per person who would be onboarding the balloon will be around $500 Million.

SpaceVIP announced on their official Instagram account,

“Explorers will ascend 100,000 ft above sea level, where they will dine as they watch the sunrise over the Earth’s curvature.”

The vessel can carry six guests in one voyage. It will start operating in the year 2025.

Bloomberg also added that from next month, test flights will begin. However, it added that “the interest is already exceeding availability.”

Technology Involved In SpaceVIP Neptune’s Luxury Capsule

Space balloons, which are also called scientific or high-altitude balloons float upward in the atmosphere. The space balloon uses gas that is lighter than the free-floating air.

The gas used in the case of SpaceVIP’s space balloon is hydrogen. SpaceVIP’s website states that Hydrogen has been chosen as Helium’s supply is limited due to its heavy usage in other fields like medicine.

The floating of the SpaceVIP Neptune’s luxury capsule is made possible with the help of buoyancy force.

Notably, upon lift-off, it is not required for the space balloon to be filled with hydrogen completely. Due to a decrease in atmospheric pressure, the gas present inside the vessel expands when the balloon floats upward.

The website stated,

“At the apogee of the trip, the space balloon might vent gas to stabilize the pressure, and also to begin its descent back to Earth.”

The design of the space balloon is based on the ‘proven space balloon technologies’ which ensures a safe, secure, and sound ride for everyone. Moreover, the luxury vessel is designed so that it can smoothly operate in a near-vacuum environment.

The website added that the Spaceship Neptune capsule is designed to carry the weight of 8 people inside it. Moreover, it is huge enough to encompass a 650 feet/200 meters tall football stadium inside it when inflated fully.

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