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SS-UBT leader’s wife alleges she was a ‘potential target’ in murder case




Murdered SS-UBT leader’s wife claims she was a ‘potential target’

In a chilling revelation, Tejasvee Darekar-Ghosalkar, widow of Shiv Sena leader Abhishek V. Ghosalkar, who was shot dead during a Facebook live show, claimed she was also a potential target in the same incident. The murder took place on February 8 in Mumbai, with local goon Mauris Noronha firing multiple bullets at Abhishek before committing suicide.

Tejasvee disclosed that Noronha had asked Abhishek to bring her along for the live interaction on Facebook that evening. She mentioned, “He had asked my husband to take me for that evening public event, and Abhishek had even asked me to accompany him.” Fortunately, Tejasvee got delayed and was instructed by Abhishek to attend another event, thus avoiding the potentially fatal situation.

During a briefing attended by various notable political figures, Tejasvee criticized the Mumbai Police for what she perceives as a lack of proper investigation into her husband’s murder case. She also highlighted certain observations made by the Mumbai Sessions Court regarding the handover of the murder weapon to Noronha and other suspicious circumstances surrounding the case.


Tejasvee further mentioned that her lawyer will file a writ petition in the Bombay High Court, seeking a transfer of the investigation into Abhishek’s murder and Noronha’s subsequent suicide from the Mumbai Police to another probe agency. The shocking incident has stirred political circles in the state, with leaders from different parties condemning the act and the Opposition likely to use it for political leverage in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

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