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US Strengthens Support for Israel as Iran Conducts Drone Strikes

In response to Iran’s attack on Israel, the US has reaffirmed its unwavering support for Israel. President Joe Biden rushed back to the White House from his retreat to monitor the situation closely and consult with his national security team, which includes top officials like Secretary of State Blinken and Defence Secretary Austin.

“Iran has begun an airborne attack against Israel. President Biden is being regularly updated on the situation by his national security team and will meet with them this afternoon at the White House,” said National Security Council Spokesperson Adrienne Watson. The retaliation by Iran is believed to be in response to the Israeli bombing of a building in Damascus housing senior officials of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The US government is in constant communication with Israeli officials and other allies to ensure support and collaboration in the face of this threat. President Biden’s firm stance on supporting Israel’s security remains steadfast, as reiterated by the National Security Council spokesperson. The situation is expected to develop over the course of several hours, with the US standing by Israel during this critical time.


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