Here’s What The Viral Markiplier 777 Filter Video Leak Is All About

The ‘777 filter’ is all over the internet, and this is mainly because a nude picture of Markiplier has been leaked by getting attached to this filter. Markiplier is a well-known personality on social media, and he has earned quite a lot of fans around him over the years.

Leaked Markiplier 777 Filter Viral Videos and Pictures Viral

Markiplier is famous for his online videos. He usually streams himself playing online games such as Let’s Plays, and his gaming niche lies in indie horror games. He is also known for his filmmaking abilities and his editing techniques, which he often uses in his videos.

Celebrity nude pictures tend to gain a lot of traction, and the creator of this filter, Markiplier, used that to help his filter blow up on the internet, making it a viral sensation on TikTok.

Here's What The Viral Markiplier 777 Filter Video Leak Is All About

However, Markiplier’s nude photo is now the talk of the town. One thing to clarify is that the filter, which shows the naked picture of Markiplier, contains a photo from 2019 and has been circulating since then.

The other thing is that the picture going viral is a fake picture, generated with the help of AI.

There’s an account known for circulating and creating fake pornographic pictures of celebrities, and it has been made by that account.

The filter went viral when @pilsudskidog uploaded a video featuring it and @blank_soup reacted to it, which shocked the internet and gathered 13 million views.

Ever since then, the filter gained traction online, and people started visiting the filter more and more to see what was happening with all these rumors and notoriety.

Markiplier has not commented on the post targeting him and his leaked pictures.

Twitter, Reddit and TikTok are full of this filter currently, and more and more people are hopping on the bandwagon, causing the filter to go viral.

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