12 Hottest Nidhi Mahawan Web Series for 2024

Discover the 10 hottest Nidhi Mahawan web series for 2024, featuring seductive storylines and captivating performances for mature viewers.

Leading lady Nidhi Mahawan is well-known for her roles in films and online programs. She began her career as a reporter before breaking into the film industry. She has been a very active actress in the adult web series for now, so she has gained fame and love from her well-grown audiences. Here we are going to court down the 10 best Nidhi Mahawan web series-

12 Bo*ld Nidhi Mahawan Web Series:

1. ‘Sur Surili’

This Nidhi Mahawan web series centers on an individual who constantly fantasizes about getting married, but his parents wanted alimony. The surprise begins when a young fellow exhibits certain strange behavior.

Cast:Ajay Mehra
Nidhi Mahawan
Ankur Malhotra
Crew:Director: Hasan Shahid Naqvi

2. ‘Lootera’

A girl named Vinita served as the focal point of the entire narrative. She is stranded at left alone, something she is not accustomed to. Manish, Vinita’s spouse, is away at a networking event. Vinita is not particularly smart; she hasn’t ever ventured out alone at her residence; she is terrified of everything; and when she encounters a thief who bursts into the house, her greatest nightmares are realized.

Cast:Nidhi Mahawan
Aman Verma
Crew:Director: soon update

3. ‘Lovely Massage Parlour Part 3’

In this Nidhi Mahawan web series, you will observe as Rakhi’s money problems worsen while she steadfastly refuses to compromise her principles in order to appease her clientele. Rakhi’s husband finds her line of work repulsive, and Lovely worries that she might be committed to no harm.

Cast:Anupama Prakash
Nidhi Mahawan
Simran Khan
Crew:Director: V Kumar

4. ‘Gandi Baat 6’

Each of the viewers is indeed very eager to see the complete web program following its teaser because it is centered on a crime story. Following viewing the trailer, a lot of viewers remark on it and express their feelings. very unique and bold web series to check out.

Cast:Avantika Mishra
Vanya Singh Rajput
Kunwar Vikram Soni
Crew:Director: Sachin Mohite

5. ‘Charmsukh Trapped’

In this Nidhi Mahawan web series, A snare strikes a loving couple and their relationship. In order to escape the ambush, a third party makes a few requirements that are completely unreasonable. Charmsukh Stuck stars Nidhi Mahawan, Anvesh Bansal, Joshua Chhabra, and other notable actors.

Cast:Nidhi Mahawan
Joshua Chhabra
Anvesh Bansal
Crew:Director: Sameer Salim Khan

6. ‘Shaadi Vivah’

On March 16, 2020, the Hindi comedy and erotic video content Shaadi Vivah were made available on the Kooku App and website for internet streaming. Azaad Bharti is the director of this online series, which is produced by N R Eye Vision. Nidhi Mahawan, Divyaa Singh, and many others take on the primary roles.

Cast:Sagar Bhatt
Sapan Chaudhary
Anup Chauhan
Crew:Director: Azaad Bharti

7. ‘The Bull of Dalal Street’

Tories are driven by money. The central protagonist, Harshil Mehra, has aspirations to dominate while also amassing wealth. Early in his career, he received the financial industry’s “golden ticket.”

Cast:Iqbal Khan
Aparna Sharma
Ashmit Patel
Crew:Director: Deepak Pandey

8. Real Fantasy

Cast:Nidhi Mahawan
Sheezan Hasan
Rinku Worah
Sneha Maharana
Crew:Director: soon update

The primary leads of this web series are Nidhi Mahawan and Sheezan Hasan. Nidhi Mahawan plays a wife who struggles with mental health issues and has hallucinations. The show addresses the concept that love can become so flimsy that reality and fiction get entwined, making one think that fantasy is actually the truth. She loses herself in a fantasy world within reality as a result of her overwhelming desire to be with her husband.

9. Behrupiya

Cast:Saumya Tiwari
Nidhi Mahawan
Crew:Director: Shubhobroto Sengupta

Preeti reluctantly gives in to family pressure and consents to marry Shekhar, who also happens to be a wealthy man. Preeti lacks excitement at first, but is soon seduced by Shekhar’s kind character and falls in love with him. She readily consents to spend a romantic evening with him as the evening of their wedding draws near.

10. Zindagi Reset

Cast:Nidhi Mahawan, Nitin Nachnani, Harshita Kashyap
Crew:Director: soon update

Three families’ lives are central to the story, and with the usage of smartphones, their paths are intimately entwined.

11. Love Bites

The web series has many bold scenes and vulgar dialogues so viewer discretion is advised. 

Director Deepak Pandey
Cast Taniya Chaterjee, Aditi Sharma and Taniya Mehta

12. Dahej Me Saala

The story revolues around a sexual relationship between saala and aunt. Watch the web series to know what happens next. 

OTT Platforms Rabbit Originals 
Cast Akshar Bharadwaj, Jimmy Kainaat and Nidhi Mahawan

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