Aaron Taylor-Johnson Receives Advice From Pierce Brosnan on Playing Bond: ‘Take Risks’

Los Angeles, March 27 (IANS) Former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan has endorsed Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the next suave spy in the iconic 007 franchise. Brosnan, who portrayed Bond in the 1990s, believes Taylor-Johnson has what it takes to step into the role.

Brosnan, who shared the screen with Taylor-Johnson in the 2009 film ‘The Greatest,’ praised the actor’s abilities, stating that “he has the chops” to play James Bond. The veteran actor described his experience working with Taylor-Johnson as positive, calling him “The Greatest” in the movie.

Reflecting on the news of Taylor-Johnson’s potential casting as Bond, Brosnan emphasized his support for the actor, encouraging him to embrace the role with confidence and enthusiasm. If Taylor-Johnson secures the coveted role, Brosnan advises him to “be bold” and to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Considering their shared history on screen, Brosnan’s endorsement of Taylor-Johnson carries weight in the world of James Bond fans. As speculation builds around the future of the iconic spy franchise, the support from a former Bond actor adds an interesting dynamic to the conversation surrounding the next 007 agent.


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