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My Number Got Leaked by Speed,” Says Adin Ross Before Leaking IShowSpeed’s Number Online: Here’s the Tea



"My number got leaked by speed" Says Adin Ross Before Leaking IShowSpeed's Number Online: Here's The Tea

Trouble in the streamer paradise happened right after Adin Ross and IShowSpeed leaked each other’s numbers out in front of their online live stream.

Darren, famously known as IShowSpeed, has a reputation for leaking numbers of other influencers, streamers, and celebrities.

He has leaked the number of KSI and also Adin Ross before as well. However, this time the ball was not in his court as Adin Ross was quick to react.


Speed mistakenly leaked his number, while he was filming in his car and the number propped out on the screen.

Adin’s number was leaked for the third time, and because of frustration and anger, he leaked Darren’s number on the internet through his other account too.

He posted,


“I was mad in the moment and I leaked your number. I’m sorry, I’m calmed down now it’s never that serious. I just changed my sh*t, I apologize publicly and I would like to apologize privately. I was frustrated. I love you Darren”

Darren was quick to react and he did not back down when he saw that.

Darren reacted,

“Bro, Adin leaked my fcking number bro. I swear to god, on god he’s blocked, on my life. Adin leaked my fcking number, bro, he’s pissing me the f*ck off bro. I am actually done with this fcking ni**a, I swear to god. He just leaked my f*cking number, bro. Dumbass ni**a, bro. Fck him.”

Adin Ross Leaks Speed’s Number Online

However, later Adin apologized for it and also suggested that instead of making it such a big deal, Darren could just change his number as it takes only 2 days. Darren wanted to break their friendship off over this matter, but Adin tried to salvage it and suggested alternate ways to get his new number and cool it down.


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