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Rose Quartz Crystal Benefits: Denotation, Curative, and How to Use

Crystals of quartz are popular in many cultures and have been used for their touted health benefits. They are widely employed in the process of Reiki, and Meditation, and for ornamental purposes. One such Quartz crystal is Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz-Properties

The use of Rose Quartz is as ancient as the history of human civilization. It is believed that the ancient Egyptians and Roman women were aware of the medicinal benefits of Rose Quartz. They regularly used rose quartz face packs to take care of skin ailments.

Rose Quartz is often employed for ornamental purposes and used as an art object in homes and commercial offices. There are different types of Quartz crystals and they are available in different colors. The rose-colored quartz crystals are known as Rose Quartz. Sometimes the stones acquire a deep pink color like strawberries and they are also known as strawberry rose quartz. Sometimes the stone acquires a pale purple color also and is deemed Lavender rose quartz varieties.

Chemically Rose quartz is composed of silicon dioxide molecules and is formed underground at high temperatures (400°C to 700°C). The stone is widely distributed but most commonly occurs in the US subcontinent, Asia, and in South Africa.

Purported Healing Properties

The Rose Quartz is purported to have numerous medicinal qualities and health benefits. The art of reiki also uses Rose Quartz crystals to channel cosmic energy into the body of the sick person. Well-known Reiki masters use Rose Quartz Crystals for their commanding healing properties. The stone is also loved for its soft, gentle, and pleasing pink color. It is the color that moots it be used for expressing pure love. It is therefore the dearest stone for anyone who has been struck by Cupid’s arrow.   

Is There A Scientific Foundation For These claims?

Much of the claims are more of traditional nature though some research has been conducted about effects and many claims were thought to be a myth though in some instances it has been found true. It could be more of a placebo effect than reality. Nevertheless, a lot of people consider it to have a healing effect.

Employed In Healing

  • Rose quartz is touted for its health benefits both physical and emotional.
  • The stone also helps in building relationships and augments mutual faith between partners.
  • The stone is also believed to calm frayed nerves and instill a feeling of empathy and compassion.
  • The stone is also believed to augment the feeling of peace and satisfaction. The stone also helps to instill a feeling of confidence which is very beneficial in surviving in the cutthroat and competitive world.

Many well-known Reiki masters and faith healers believe that the stone is a panacea for a broken heart and helps the person to reach a state of transcendental meditative state. The stone is also believed to provoke a deep sense of serenity, tranquility, and harmony further leading to a state of deep relaxation, and a feeling of contentment.

Experts also contend that wearing the stone as a pendant near the heart or in the form of a ring helps to negate negative feelings and fill the wearer with new libido and positive energy. However, a word of caution- It can never be a replacement for the advice of qualified healthcare personnel.

Benefits Of Using the Stone-

The modalities for using the Rose Quartz include in

  • Different Religious rituals – Often used in rituals to reaffirm unconditional love
  • Wearing as an ornament in the form of a pendant, bangles, or rings.
  • Placing them under your pillow for uninterrupted sleep and to prevent nightmares.
  • As a decorative addendum in the house and to remove negative forces and fill the home with positive energy.

Rose Quartz Rituals

Often used in rituals to reaffirm unconditional love between the partners who are struck by Cupid’s arrow.

Setting Purposes With Rose Quartz

The stone is mostly employed to reaffirm a person’s intents, especially those relating to love, romance, or compassion.

How To Set An Purpose With This Crystal

  • Seat yourself in a silent, noise-free atmosphere and preferably light incense sticks to give a mystic atmosphere.
  • Hear your breathing and calm it so that it is heard with difficulty.
  • Take the stone in your palm and infuse your intentions and desire into the stone.
  • After this put down your desires on a piece of paper and put it under the stone.
  • Place the stone so that it is constantly viewed by the person and recharge the stone with your intent at intervals.

Rose Quartz Mist

Putting the stone in an infusion is believed to transfer the stone’s medicinal properties into the liquid. The infusion can be sprayed as a mist on yourself or cloth to fulfill your intentions. You can also spray the infusions in corners of the home, doorways, and windows to prevent negative energy from coming inside and spreading positive energy.

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