BTS J-Hope’s Rap: Watch How Lollapalooza Staff Reacts After Seeing His Rapping Skills

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Pretty safe to say that not all of us are a part of the BTS Army or K-Pop for all it matters. But at the global stage performance J-Hope win hearts. J-Hope of BTS recently conducted on the Lollapalooza live stage, becoming the first Korean artist to serve as the show’s studio band. J-Hope apart from being a singer has also been a dancer. J-Hope joined the clandestine dance group Neuron prior making his BTS breakthrough. From the fourth grade until his freshman year of high school, when he registered with Big Hit Entertainment, he studied ballet at the Gwangju Music Academy.

His faultless presentation astounded everyone in attendance, not just the millions of ARMY who were watching live and online. Everyone who attended the festival or worked for Lollapalooza left his performance as a purple-blooded battalion.

The performance received immense love and a whooping fan attendance of more an 1 lakh people. Considering history was being made yesterday, J-Hope took matters to his own hand and made back to back records on rapping in free verse as well as being the first Korean singer to hop onto the global platform.

One particular aspect of his legendary performance attracted the eye of many viewers among the many surprising turns and bends. The orchestra ceased playing its supplementary guitar and drums as the music’s concluding meltdown of “Hangsang” started so that J-voice Hope’s could fill the entire arena. He displayed his dominating natural charisma and insane talents while rapping enthusiastically while only having a simple rhythm in the backdrop.

Audience Reaction

As the band’s background music resumed and the audience went berserk, he maintained his passion throughout the intermission. A Lollapalooza employee’s response to this was captured on camera and got attention for how genuine he is. His expression of amazement during J-rap Hope’s indicates that perhaps another ARMY has just joined the fanbase! Check out the video of his rection from here.

BTS J-Hope’s Rap Video Performance

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