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Extraordinary Benefits of Wearing Hematite Stone

Humanity and Iron have a very close association and the Industrial Revolution which changed the face of mankind would not have been possible without the development of the Iron and steel industry. Hematite is an ore of Iron and is widely dispersed around the world. It is known as a protective stone which is often kept in homes to ward off evil spirits and negative energy. The dark grey color of the Hematite stone is used to absorb any negative energy which is entering the house.

Hematite is a translucent stone and is also an ore of Iron. By appearance, it varies from Black to red and brown colors. It is also found in multispectral colors and is one of the most valued forms of stone. The Hematite gemstone is often mixed with Quartz. The durability of the stone is considerably augmented when mixed with Quartz. However, all types of hematite have a rust-like tinge which is the most identifiable feature of the stone.

The genesis of the word ‘Hematite’ can be traced to its Greek word Haem which means blood. The stone is also linked to the planet Mars and the red color of the planet is often believed to be caused by the presence of Hematite. The association with Mars also makes it the representative of war and the Aboriginals of America often painted their body with the ore before going to war. In ancient times the ore was also used for painting on rocks and many of such paintings survive to this day.

The stone was also used as a mirror in the bygone era. The stone when it is cut becomes transparent and is red-colored. The stone acquires a shine on being polished and is used in ornaments and inlaid in bangles and rings.

Metaphysical And Emotional Properties Of Hematite

Hematite Stone

The stone is closely associated with metaphysical and emotional treatment schedules. It has a calming effect on distressed minds and helps to keep a balance of thoughts in a person. The stone also brings a deepening of relationships and helps clarity of thoughts.

The stone helps to make the person practical and enhances mental intelligence. It helps in mending broken ties and makes them stronger. It helps to maintain mental peace and augments the physical and mental energy of the wearer. It also increases mutual love between couples and protects the body from the ill effects of mental tension. It also protects the person from harm caused by enemies.

The stone is also dubbed as a stone that has deep psychological effects and helps the wearer attain success and fulfill his aspirations and dreams. The stone also promotes the person to be more religious and humbler. Since the stone is widely distributed in the Earth’s Crust it makes the wearer down to earth and negates the effects of negative energy. It also helps in augmenting love and memory power.

If this gemstone is to be worn, then it should be worn in the ring finger of the left hand.

Curative Abilities Of Hematite

In ancient times, this gemstone was used by the Egyptians for the smooth circulation of blood and an increase in blood cells. This gemstone helps in running the kidney and the circulatory system of the body smoothly. It cures kidney and blood-related disorders. In case of excessive bleeding, this gemstone can be used as a cure. It helps in absorbing iron particles in the small intestine, these iron particles increase the level of oxygen in the body. It also helps to augment the lethality of the immune system.

It regulates all types of fluids in the body and helps in keeping the blood pure and also prevents migraine. It is beneficial for those who suffer from vertigo and controls the nerves and hormones of the wearer. This is a very powerful gemstone, but before wearing it as jewelry, it must be checked for any allergic reactions on the skin. In case there is an allergy to the skin by wearing it, then it should not be worn. Also, the stone if worn as a ring or as a necklace must not be worn for long and should be removed before going to bed.

Hematite gemstone is the fire element. It is the sub-stone of the planet Saturn. It controls the Mooladhara Chakra of the body.

Where Is Hematite Found

This gemstone is mainly found in Alabama (USA). From 1840 to the middle of 1975, 375 million tons of hematite had been extracted. Apart from this, iridescent hematite is found in Brazil. Other varieties of hematite are found in countries like Australia, Britain, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Morocco, New Zealand, Mexico, China, Germany, etc.

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