30 Best Fallout Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are a form of inked creative designs which people get to have on their skins. Obviously, it can be removed, but tattoos are mostly kept permanently through the years.

Tattoos mostly include very personal designs and something that is relevant to the person getting it.

It is something that still has not gone out of trend, even though the hype started during the Y2K era.

The ‘Fallout’ character is colloquially called the Vault Boy. He was created to showcase skills and to get things going.

The character of the boy was created by Leonard Boyarsky, and he is also the main character in the Monopoly board.

Over the years, the Fallout character gained fame with the advertisement and the rise in memes regarding the same.

After that, people also started getting tattoos of the same with personal tweaks and more.

Below, we have mentioned the 30 best Fallout tattoos for you to check out and get some inspiration from for your next funky tattoo.

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30 Fallout Tattoo Ideas:

1. Simple Fallout Tattoo Idea

Credit: @bilbobagnuts/Instagram

2. Text

Credit: @zackindertattoos/Instagram

3. Thigh

Credit: @jayeshepherdtattoo/Instagram

4. Green Fallout Tattoo Idea

Credit: @apocalyds/Instagram

5. Red

Credit: @nordlandic/Instagram

6. Colorful

Credit: @vaultt_tec/Instagram

7. Bottle

Credit: @maceymccoy/Instagram

8. Skull

Credit: @genji_style/Instagram

9. Rainbow

Credit: @videogametatts/Instagram

10. Glowy Fallout Tattoo Idea

Credit: @ihatemilkalot/Instagram

11. Television

Credit: @samtaylortattoo/Instagram

12. Cap Fallout Tattoo Idea

Credit: @steph.cs.tattoos/Instagram

13. Cut

Credit: @gremlin_boi_tattoos/Instagram

14. Card Fallout Tattoo Idea

Credit: @partytattz/Instagram

15. Figure

Credit: @vaultt_tec/Instagram

16. Blue Fallout Tattoo Idea

Credit: @suckytattoos/Instagram

17. Cute

Credit: @rubytiiger/Instagram

18. Palm

Credit: @pepamallowtattoo/Instagram

19. Quote Fallout Tattoo Idea


20. Funny Fallout Tattoo Idea

Credit: @tattoosbyjuha/Instagram

21. Khans

Credit: @autumnzilla/Instagram

22. Arm

Credit: @shan_zooztattoo/Instagram

23. Black


25. Aesthetic Fallout Tattoo Idea

Credit: @vaultt_tec/Instagram

26. Graphic

Credit: @marcdurrant/Instagram

27. Flag Fallout Tattoo Idea

Credit: @antarctic_blue/Instagram

28. Machine

Credit: @iankingtontattoo/Instagram

29. Singing

Credit: @makov.44/Instagram

30. Gory Fallout Tattoo Idea

Credit: @all1tribetattoos/Instagram

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