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Ladakh Apex Body to Hold Protest March to China Border

The Ladakh Apex Body (LAB) has announced plans for a march to the China border to highlight their demands. Last week, LAB called off a similar march due to restrictions. LAB leader Sonam Wangchuk emphasized concerns about land allocation for industrial projects and the need for protection under Schedule Six of the Constitution.

Wangchuk stated that the march aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the people of Ladakh. He mentioned Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s assurance regarding land disputes with China as a reason for expecting cooperation from the administration. LAB plans to continue their struggle through hunger strikes and protests without disrupting farming and tourism activities.

While the date of the protest march has not been disclosed, LAB leader Wangchuk assured that it would happen soon. LAB, along with the Kargil Democratic Alliance, have been actively protesting for the past four years. These actions are part of their ongoing efforts to draw attention to the issues affecting the region and its people.


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