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Livia Gabriele da Silva Matos passes away amidst intimate moment with Brazilian footballer Dimas Candido de Oliveira Filho



Livia Gabriele da Silva Matos dies during intercourse with Dimas Candido de Oliveira Filho, a Brazil footballer. Read to know more 

An intriguing story is grabbing global attention where a girl named Livia Gabriele da Silva Matos has unexpectedly died during sexual intercourse with Brazilian football player Dimas Candido de Oliveira Filho. As per news reports, the footballer called 911 after seeing the girl was having trouble. Paramedics arrived at the scene and took her to a nearby hospital for further treatment, where she was pronounced dead.

Livia Gabriele da Silva Matos’s life ends in a sexual encounter with Brazil’s Dimas Candido de Oliveira Filho

It has been stated that she died of cardiac arrest. She had not been feeling well for the past few days and decided to stay with Dimas Candido de Oliveira in his apartment. When the doctors arrived at their apartment, they saw a 19-year-old bleeding severely from her private area. Once the news started to gain momentum in the media, Dimas publicly addressed the news where his lawyer Tiago Lenoir stated in the ‘Metropoles’ that he and Livia Gabriele da Silva Matos had consensual sex using condoms.

But once he realized Livia Gabriele da Silva Matos was bleeding from her private area which unexpectedly resulted in her demise, he called 911. The lawyer further added that no drugs or alcohol were taken by either party during this time.


An investigation is ongoing by São Paulo Civil Police to find out what exactly happened at the apartment. Plus, Livia’s medical history will also be analyzed.

Livia Gabriele da Silva Matos’s father got the news of his daughter’s departure through the police. In the police report, it is written that she had a 5 cm cut on her vagina that led to a hemorrhage. She lost her life after losing a lot of blood.

Not much personal information is available on Livia; she was a nursing student and has two sisters. She was a supporter of Corinthians, and that is how she met Dimas.


Dimas’s team, Corinthians, released an official statement stating- “Sport Club Corinthians Paulista informs that it is closely following the evolution of the facts related to the episode involving one of its core athletes on Tuesday night, January 30, 2014. We reinforce that the club awaits the investigation of the facts and is available to collaborate with the authorities. Above all, Corinthians deeply regrets the death of young Livia Gabriele da Silva Santos and sympathizes with her family.”

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