‘Sigor Boys’ Trending Video: Seven Suspects Detained in Connection Kenya Gang-Rape

Viewer Discretion Advised: This content contains graphic descriptions of a disturbing incident.

Seven men have been arrested by Kenya police authorities concerning the viral Sigor Boys video. The viral clip shows a disturbing gang rape of an unnamed woman in western Bomet County.

According to The Star, the video was shot in Chebanyi village last December and later posted on X/Twitter. The video went viral, sparking outrage in the country.

In the video, seven men can be seen taking turns to sexually assault a woman in a dimly lit room.

A woman’s scream is also heard in the video.

Due to the disturbing nature, the clip has caused a disgrace in the media with many demanding strict action against the culprits.

Sigor Boys’ Trending Video: Seven Suspects Held in Connection to Kenya Gang-Rape

Edwin Barusei, Area chief, stated that the main suspect, the one who recorded the clip, Anderson Mutai, is now under police custody.

Police started their investigation when a complaint was made at Olbutyo Police Station. The report states:

“Following the circulation of pornography video purported to have taken place at Chebanyiny village of Kimaya sub-location m/r 990905 about 3kms west of the station, Police officers together with area chief and nyumba kumi elders conducted the operation at the said area and managed to arrest seven suspects among them two have been identified.” 

On Thursday, officials released a statement saying that they had arrested seven people during an operation conducted in the area. Two of them have been completely identified. They all will be put on hold so proper investigation can be done. Once the evidence is collected, they will appear in court.

“The suspects have been placed in police custody for interrogation and miscellaneous application to enhance further investigation.” 

Police also revealed that the Sigor Boys video was shot in December 2023. Since then, it has been trending on the internet and spreading like wildfire on various social media platforms including Twitter, and Reddit.

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