Sketch’s ‘What Up, Brother?’ Becomes A TikTok Trend Online, Here’s Everything

Sketch is a big-time known video game player online. He is known for his online streams where he plays video games and also interacts with his followers. Now Sketch has been a big league for years now, and he has gained loads of followers because of his engagement in the social media and internet community.

Sketch’s ‘What Up, Brother?’ Becomes A TikTok Trend Online

Sketch is also known because of his catchphrases and fun behaviours. There are some iconic phrases which he says and are now literally his copyrighted terms. Like, ‘Tuesday, Tuesday’, ‘What’s up brother?’ and more. The ‘What’s up brother’ trend also includes a hand gesture which points up to the sky when he says it.

As usual, many of his followers started using the same as it is quite famous. But now the phrases he says have become a trend. There are thousands of videos on TikTok where people are greeting each other with the gesture and saying ‘What’s up brother’ to each other.

There are also videos where the girlfriend is saying ‘What’s up brother’ to the boyfriend and he is replying with ‘Tuesday, Tuesday’. These are the famous known phrases used by Sketch and now it is taking over the world. It is obviously a fun way to stay in the loop.

At first, this was just a fun way to greet each other and state that you’re aware of Sketch, but now it has become a whole trend. TikTok is full of videos like this, and even teachers are stating online that they are having fun with this trend because that’s how they’re greeting their students currently.

Sketch is literally all over the world and on social media, but hey, we are not complaining!
It’s a harmless TikTok trend which only includes a gesture. Everyone is on board, and people online are having fun.

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