Sushmita Sen reveals her life mantra: Courage is embracing fear

In a recent Instagram post, actress Sushmita Sen shared valuable insights on tackling fear. The former Miss Universe emphasized that courage starts with accepting fear. Known for her resilience, the actress often inspires with her positive outlook and determination in the face of challenges.

Sushmita Sen, who received acclaim for her performance in ‘Aarya 3’, shared a heartfelt message along with a de-glam photo on her Instagram Stories. In the post, she stated, “Courage is not absence of fear. It in fact begins with the acceptance of fear.” This profound statement reflects her attitude of facing fears head-on and not allowing them to hold her back.

The actress is admired for her strength and positive mindset, as she often shares messages of hope and gratitude on social media. In a previous post, Sushmita expressed her belief in attracting positivity rather than chasing after it. Through her rose-tinted glasses, she chooses to see possibilities, kindness, love, and abundance, spreading a message of optimism and resilience to her followers.

Despite facing health challenges, including a heart attack while filming ‘Aarya 3’, Sushmita Sen displayed incredible determination by recovering fully and returning to the sets to complete the shoot. Her story serves as a reminder of the power of resilience and the importance of facing fears with courage and acceptance.


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