Video Of A Boy Allegedly Dying After Eating ‘Nitrogen Smoked Biscuit’ Goes Viral On Social Media

A video titled ‘Nitrogen Smoked Biscuit’ is going viral on various social media platforms, showing a kid eating nitrogen-smoked biscuits and falling sick. Not many are aware that nitrogen biscuits are harmful to both kids and adults.

Initially, the video was posted on Twitter and later spread to various other social media platforms. According to multiple news reports, the video was filmed in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

From the video, it appears to have been recorded at a local fair in Tamil Nadu. As the video gained more attention, the Twitter handle that posted it allegedly shared that the kid in the video died after eating the biscuit.

Video of a boy allegedly dies after eating ‘Nitrogen Smoked Biscuit’ dominates the social media 

The person who shared the video urged to ban these dangerous smoked biscuits by tagging the Tamil Nadu government in the post.

It has been alleged that the Tamil Nadu government recently permitted two such stalls at a recent government fair in Chennai.

This is not the first time a smoked product has been proven to be dangerous to people. Last year, a Delhi businessman had to be hospitalized after spending a lot of time in a pub in Haryana’s Gurugram.

According to doctors, half of his stomach had to be removed because of the harmful effects of a “smoked” product. Many health experts claim that consuming smoked products is harmful to health.

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