All About Miss Peaches As Dave Portnoy Raised $500,000 For Animal Shelter Donations

Remember when Taylor Swift wrote the lyrics, “In the world of boys, he’s a gentleman”? She was probably talking about Dave Portnoy.

Dave is the founder of the infamous Barstool Sports, and being the animal-loving person, he adopted and rescued a pitbull pup who suffered a life of misery and neglect.

All About Miss Peaches, The Internet Sensation

Dave called her Miss Peaches and welcomed her into the house this year on Valentine’s Day. It was difficult for Peaches to give her trust to Dave at once, but little by little, she warmed up to him.

Now she finds solace in Dave and succumbs to a life full of entertainment and love. This inspiring story goes to millions of people online.

Peaches herself is a star on social media and has over 940k followers on Instagram. She’s so influential that the Miami Mayor has a plan to declare May 20 as ‘Miss Peaches Day.’ Dave also launched an apparel brand with Peaches’ theme on it, and they already raised $500,000 through it, which gets donated to animal shelters.

Miss Peaches is currently a well-loved pup on social media, and she’s probably more influential than Dave himself. Peaches did have a rough start during the beginning of her life. She wasn’t treated right and was neglected.

But now, she’s a literal queen with a fanbase on social media. She’s doing good work for all other animals in need through her sales, and people do find her extremely cute. As per the interviews with Fox & Friends and FOX Business, Dave did describe Peaches as the “sweetest thing ever” and an “angel.”

Netizens are extremely fond of the adorable pup who is taking over the internet with her cuteness and her wide smile.

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