American woman arrested for having sex with two teenage boys

An American woman was arrested on Friday for having sex with two teenagers younger than her age. The 38-year-old woman is a resident of Minnesota, America. She had sex with two boys who were only 15 years old.

According to the New York Post, the name of the 38-year-old American woman is Allison Leigh Schardin, who is the mother of two children. She was staying at the Hotel Roseville, where two other boys who were part of Colorado’s boys hockey team were also staying.

The Entire Scenario of American Woman Debunked

Court documents state that, on January 14, 2024, Allison Leigh Schardin started talking to teenage boys in the hotel’s hot tub. She discussed her marital problems with the 15-year-old boys and when everyone left and went to their respective rooms, the woman sent a message to the boys on Snapchat saying she had a huge fight with her husband. She asked the boys if she could come to their room.

Allegedly, Allison Leigh Schardin asked the boys their ages. She then commented that the boys were young enough to be her children.

She then started talking to the boys about “s*x and stuff” and ended up in bed with both of them.

When the boys were engaged in s*xual activity with the women, they felt pressured and the third boy was watching everything. Eventually, the boys asked the woman to leave from there.

According to the charges against the woman, Allison Leigh Schardin attended the boys’ hockey game and messaged them afterward. Thus, she was finally arrested on Thursday. She has been charged with third- and fourth-degree criminal s*xual conduct.

After her arrest, Allison Leigh Schardin told a team of investigators that her two children had gone to stay at the hotel with her husband. Later at the pool, she struck up a very casual conversation with teenage boys. Allison Leigh Schardin also admitted that she had sex with two boys and had asked them for condoms.

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