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Anto Pane Viral Video Of Kissing Alfa Creates Online Buzz



Anto Pane Viral Video Of Kissing Alfa Creates Online Buzz

Anto Pane is a well-known social media influencer. She is known for her sexy pictures on social media. She also posts a lot of makeup videos and taks very enthusiastically about it too. Recently, Anto Pane’s recent onlyfans account became the talk of the town after some of her videos that were meant to be private surfaced in the media.

Anto Pane Viral Video

Anto Pane was involved in a car accident recently and this is her first ‘catch-up’ with the media after the incident. While being an influencer, it is very common to be sided up with random internet controversies and Anto is currently in one.

Image Credit: @paneantonelaokk/Instagram

She was asked by reporters about the rumors that surround her relationship with Alfa. To which she replied, “I confirm the romance, I am dating Alfa. Yesterday we had a meeting at my house here in Mar del Plata.” Alfa wasn’t in the scenes when she told that, but he walked right after she said it and overheard the whole conversation.

However he did not agree with what she confessed and said, I just arrived, don’t lie, I told the truth.” But that did not seem to stop her from officially releasing her love for Walter as she kissed him in front of the live reporting cameras and said, “We had a ‘fortunate’ meeting, we are a couple of the summer, my love .”


Nothing is sure regarding this whole exchange as of yet. Because Anto had a very satirical and funny tone to the watcher she was saying on camera and Walter did deny everything about their relationship on screen.

However, the kiss on camera might just be a PR stunt to elevate them being the talk of the town or it might just be something they’re messing around with the fans about. The best-case scenario might just be they officiated their relationship online through this kiss, and if that’s the deal we ship them already!

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