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Calcutta High Court imposes final deadline for Chief Secretary to submit report on school jobs case

The Calcutta High Court has given Chief Secretary B.P. Gopalika a final deadline for submitting a report on when the Trinamool Congress government will approve the trial against state government employees in the cash-for-school jobs scam. The court directed Gopalika to submit the report by April 9, or he will have to appear in court.

During the hearing, the bench expressed displeasure over the state government’s delay in approving the trial and required the Chief Secretary to be present in court. However, the government requested his absence due to the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. The bench then softened its stance and set a new deadline for the report.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has raised concerns over the state government’s delay in approving the trial against the employees involved in the school jobs case. Despite charge sheets being filed, the trial process has not started due to lack of approval. The court has reprimanded the state government in the past for similar delays.


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