Colorado School Paraprofessional, Kiarra Jones’ Punching Autistic Child Video Goes Viral

A paraprofessional working at the Littleton Public Schools has recently faced charges for assaulting a student with disabilities. Kiarra Jones, the paraprofessional, has been detained in this regard and is currently facing serious charges.

As per CBS News, charges against 28-year-old Kiarra Jones include injury to an at-risk minor and a third-degree assault. Kiarra Jones was in charge of helping students with speech-related issues, nonverbal communication issues and autism.

She is a bus aide who takes care of students while travelling to the Joshua School from their homes.

Kiarra Jones’s Video Goes Viral

A video footage has surfaced from social media from March 18, which shows the 28-year-old bus aide stomping, punching and hitting a male pupil. During the time of the brawl, the victim was just 10 years old.

In the wake of this, three families appointed legal counsel in response to heightened claims about Kiarra abusing kids on the bus.

According to the victim’s parties’ family attorneys, there was a change in the behaviour of children from September 2023. Moreover, parents also witnessed physical wounds on their kids like black eyes, broken toes, missing teeth, bruises and other strange marks.

The footage obtained from the bus’s CCTV cameras acts as evidence against Jones. There is a video in which Jones can be spotted “hitting a kid in the mouth with a clenched fist, elbowing the same student in the abdomen, and stomping on their foot.”

When the Englewood Police Department was told by the Littleton Police Department, the suspect was taken into police custody on April 4. To find all related offences and information about possible victims, Englewood Police Department is undergoing thorough research and investigation over the camera footage, reported TimesNow.

Kiarra Jones is scheduled to appear in Arapahoe County Court at 1:30 p.m., on May 3, for a preliminary hearing.

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