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Elsa Majimbo Accidentally Leaks Her Private Video Her Social Media Accounts, Goes Viral



Elsa Majimbo accidentally leaks her private video on the internet

Viewer discretion is advised: This content includes a discussion of unintentional exposure of private material on social media and its repercussions.

Renowned comedian Elsa Majimbo recently found herself in an awkward situation when she accidentally released a private video on the internet. The video, intended for her partner, somehow made its way to her social media accounts.

While addressing her fans on TikTok, Elsa Majimbo spoke about the entire incident, stating that the video was made exclusively for her boyfriend but was accidentally uploaded to her social media account. In the viral clip, she can be seen checking her outfit while undressing. She stated:


“If you’ve seen that video, number one please ignore it. Two always check what you post. It will give you a reflection of life after you see yourself on a social media platform. I just wanted to say I’m sorry, guys, I didn’t mean to expose that kind of content,” 

Elsa Majimbo’s viral clip sparks a scandal in the media 

The video quickly went viral, garnering curisoty among netizens.

Some of her fans advised her to always double-check the content before posting it online.

While expressing her regret, she said:


“And don’t get me wrong, I’m very confident in my body, but I want to do it on my terms and not in such a private and intimate space.”

Elsa Majimbo further added that due to the recent mishap, she has learned the importance of boundaries and privacy. A small mistake can lead to severe consequences on the internet these days.

Besides, she also addressed the situation on Twitter, apologizing for her viral clip:


“I feel so bad for exposing uncalled-for content on my crowd. So sorry about that video, guys, honest mistake. Love y’all,” she reiterated, seeking understanding and forgiveness from her fans.

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The famous comedian recently opened up about her public break-up with her DJ boyfriend, Hkeem, back in January 2024.


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