10 Year Old, Faustino Oro Beats ‘Messi of Chess’ Magnus Carlsen In Bullet Brawl 2024

Faustino Oro from Argentina is currently making headlines because he has scored a really big one.

Magnus Carlsen is known to be the best chess player in the world.

Magnus is also referred to as the ‘Messi Of Chess’ in the chess dictionary all around the world.

Oro is a 10-year-old chess player. He has been playing chess for some time now.

Faustino Oro Beats ‘Messi of Chess’ Magnus Carlsen In Bullet Brawl

He has polished his skills in that game and is now about to be an international chess player.

Daniel Naroditsky and Hikaru Nakamura, who are renowned chess masters in the world, have also praised him for his skill set.

Oro is known for his swift attitude and his mentality to never give up. He is an inspiration for many even at his tender age. Oro, who is just 10 years old, beat Magnus in the super-fast chess tournament, which is referred to as the Bullet Brawl.

So Bullet Brawl is a normal chess game but it’s just like a series of ‘think fast’ moments. Where each player gets only 1 minute to take their next turn, and the match Oro vs Magnus lasted for only 38 seconds, and Oro won the match.

However, some comments that arose on social media mentioned that the Bullet Brawl is a different format of chess, as it is more fast-paced and rapid. Oro won the Bullet Brawl, but Magnus continues to lead in the classic chess format.

Oro started playing chess over the pandemic. Later when he realized he had a scope in that sport, he started taking it more seriously. To pursue his career in the game, his family has shifted to Spain to honor his skills and polish them for the better.

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