GeorgeNotFound Faces Backlash Over Sexual Assault Allegations Made by Twitch Streamer Caitibugzz

Minecraft YouTuber GerorgeNotFound has sparked controversy on the internet after it has been alleged by Twitch streamer ‘Caitibugzz’ that she was in a relationship with a renowned YouTuber who was abusive and sexually assaulted during their relationship. 

Recently, on March 10, Caitibugzz aired a broadcast titled “My Story,” where she discussed a sexual assault she experienced while dating a “significantly older” and “popular content creator” during the summer of 2023.

However, the streamer did not name the individual, alleging that he often touched her inappropriately and was frequently intoxicated.

She added that her abuser “disguised” his non-consensual touching by slipping his hand under her clothes while asking if she was “ticklish.”

She stated- 

“Last year, at the beginning of summer, I was assaulted by a significantly older and popular content creator. I was freshly 18 and had just graduated high school a few weeks prior.”

Controversy Surrounds GeorgeNotFound After Twitch Streamer Caitibugzz’s Assault Claims

As the broadcast started getting attention on social media, netizens were quick to speculate that it had to be GeorgeNotFound, a popular content creator, Twitch Steamer is talking about as he is known for having “weird tickling kink.”

Later, GeorgeNotFound responded on Twitter/X, stating that he would soon be addressing the assault accusations during a live stream once he gathers all the evidence.

In a post, he stated-

“I will be doing a very serious stream later today, this post is just to make that clear,” he wrote. “I am gathering all the information and evidence to share. I have never and would never break someone’s sexual boundaries or assault anyone.”

Meanwhile, Twitch streamer MaxGGs also targeted GeorgeNotFound for “ruining” his friend’s life. In a post, he wrote- 

“Rot in hell, you f**king piece of s**t. I saw how you ruined my friend’s life. Nobody should feel sympathy in whatever lies you are going to spout with your stupid PR team backing you, you buffoon. I wish you and your little freak friends who are complacent in abuse the worst lives ever. You are all f**king horrible and your content sucks d**k.”

As of now, the Minecraft YouTuber has not conducted any live stream where he claims he will present all the receipts and evidence.

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