Head coach Ponting assures no surprises as DC prepares for showdown with LSG

Delhi Capitals, with one win out of five matches, are gearing up to face Lucknow Super Giants at the Ekana Stadium in their sixth IPL 2024 match on Friday. Head coach Ricky Ponting emphasized the need to improve the team’s performance, citing lapses in key moments as the reason for their losses.

In a press conference ahead of the match, Ponting expressed confidence in the team’s ability, stating, “Our best cricket has been really good, but three or four overs in almost every game has been the difference for us.” He highlighted the importance of consistency and execution in crucial stages of the game to secure victories.

Ponting also provided an update on the injured players, Kuldeep Yadav and Mukesh Kumar, hoping for their availability in the upcoming match. He stressed the significance of having a full-strength team to face their opponents and emphasized the need to start playing their best cricket quickly to turn their fortunes around.

With a focus on meticulous preparation, Ponting stated, “We’ve got today and then tomorrow morning to make sure that when the game starts tomorrow evening we are 100% ready to go.” He emphasized the importance of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition team and ensuring that the team is fully prepared to face any challenges that may arise during the match.


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