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IShowSpeed Reveals He Was Threatened To Kill Over Kaká Tackle



IShowSpeed claims a Brazilian person threatened to kill him for tackling Kaká saying- "If you ever come back to Brazil, I'm going to f**king get you"

YouTube streamer Darren ‘IShowSpeed’ is back in the news, where during his recent stream on 28 February 2024, he claimed that a Brazilian person threatened to kill him if he ever visited their country again.

He made this revelation during a recent Just Chatting segment of his Live Stream, recalling a time at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport when a Brazilian individual came up to him, saying he would ‘get him’ because he tackled Kaká during the Match For Hope charity game.

IShowSpeed new revelation dominated the internet 

He recently went live on YouTube, where one of his viewers in the chat asked if he was planning to visit Brazil again.


To which IShowSpeed responded,

“Will I ever come back to…? Bro, I tackled Kaká and they said don’t come back to Brazil, chat. They said, chat, if I come back to Brazil, chat, they’re going to kill me, bro. So chat, I don’t know when I can come back to Brazil. I will come back to Brazil. My passport is getting fixed right now. I’m about to get a Brazilian passport. I’ve been talking to the, you know, the s**t, so I’m getting my passport and s**t. You know what I’m saying? Chat, we will see.”

He further stated in the stream-

“Chat, tell me why. A random Brazilian came up to me, chat. This was like two or three days ago. I think I was in… I had a stop in Paris, I think. I had a stop in France, then some random Brazilian came up to me and said, ‘Speed, you motherf**ker,’ in like a Brazilian accent. ‘Speed, you motherf**ker! If you ever come back to Brazil, I’m going to f**king get you.’ Some random f**king guy!”

Speed’s revelation has prompted a wave of funny memes and reels across various social media platforms.


In the same livestream that happened on February 27, 2024, IShowSpeed stated that he apologized to Kaká for the tackling during the game. Speed said ‘I didn’t know” that slide-tackling Kaká would be taken as disrespectful.

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