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WATCH: Jorge Izquierdo’s explicit video leak on Twitter sparks controversy

Spanish TikTok sensation Jorge Izquierdo faces internet scandal as compromising video leaks. Backlash ensues on social media. Privacy breach alert.

Famous Spanish content creator Jorge Izquierdo is trending all over the internet. As per news reports, a video featuring him in a compromising situation has been leaked on the internet. He has an impressive fanbase on TikTok.

The video first appeared on Reddit and Twitter. Later it spread to other social media platforms. On Twitter, Jorge Izquierdo is receiving a huge backlash over the viral clip. This is not the first time, a social media influencer has become a victim of breach of privacy. 

Jorge Izquierdo’s video dominates the internet 

Jorge Izquierdo
Image Credit-@jorge.izquierdoo/ Instagram

As mentioned above, a video featuring Spanish social media influencer Jorge Izquierdo has been leaked on the internet. With an impressive fanbase, Jorge has become the talk of the town after the alleged leak scandal. The exact origin of the video remains unknown but the controversy shows no sign of fuelling down. 

Jorge Izquierdo
Image Credit-@jorge.izquierdoo/ Instagram

Back in 2018, he started posting reels on TikTok. Because of his charismatic personality, he started to gain recognition on the internet. In a short period of time, he emerged as one of the renowned Spanish content creators on TikTok. Currently, he has around 5 million followers. His username has many videos and posts based on the latest technology. He has surely made a mark across the globe. 

Talking about the viral clip, as mentioned above, the photos and videos were initially uploaded on Twitter and later spread on other social media platforms. According to news websites and tabloids, in the clip, he can be seen showing his private parts on camera.

Looks like the video was made for his private use but somehow found its way to the internet. We urge our readers not to watch or share such videos as it can hamper a person’s reputation in the media. 

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